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Skip O is calling warriors from around the world to walk for mental health awareness. We will be starting in Saint Bees,UK. and walking 192 miles to Robin Hood's Bay. The Journey starts on August 24th and End approximately on Sept.7th followed by a celebration. Our partners in England are Pete Lewin New Foundlands & Our Blue Light.

Our vision is to bring like minded first responders around the world together and have a conversation how to keep first responders safe for today. We want to draw attention from this adventure to make a positive change in England for our sisters & brothers suffering in silence

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Our Mission

To raise Mental Health Awareness to First Responders


Our Partners

Mark Wright: Logistics / Communications

Holly Sharpe: Supply Coordinator

Joe Lovell: RIT Team

Tracey Seal: Celebration Coordinator / Logistics

Sally Louise: Wellness Tent Coordinator

Join The Journey

Get your ticket - Get your supplies - Get your overnight arrangements - and then meet us at any point along the walk.

Get Prepared

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